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8 June 2011 - IPv6 Day - The Future is Forever

Participants Dashboard

What is the participants dashboard showing?

In order to make content available on the IPv6 Internet two fundamental things have to happen. Firstly, a content provider has to obtain connectivity to the IPv6 Internet from a network operator. Secondly, they have to publish the availability of their content in the Domain Name System (DNS) to allow web browsers to reach the content by name.

The dashboard dials show the percentage of World IPv6 Day participants that have a current AAAA (quad-A) record in the DNS for their hostname. AAAA records are used to store mappings between hostnames and IPv6 addresses in the DNS. If a AAAA record is unavailable, hosts will not be reachable over IPv6 by name.

The dashboard also shows dials for the percentages of participants that are reachable over IPv4 and IPv6. This is the percentage of participants who are responding to http requests over either IPv4 or IPv6 (http is the protocol used to transport web traffic over the Internet).

Finally, the dashboard shows a graph of the percentage of World IPv6 Day participants that are reachable (serving http) over IPv6, over the most recent 24-hour period. Fluctuations in this graph are normal and caused by connectivity or network congestion issues with participants, intervening network operators or the DNS.